Using the

Learn how to use the autogenerated with the pipeline-ai SDK

The pipeline-ai SDK auto generates a that gets uploaded with your pipeline when you run pipeline container init. Once the file has been generated you're able to edit it to contain any information you want!

It supports the standard Markdown specification here: This will then be rendered on the model page on Mystic.

Dynamic rendering

There are some dynamic variables that you can use in your readme that will be populated when you upload your pipeline. This is to make sure that your docs are automatically synced with what you have on your local system. At the moment the variables are:

  • pipeline_name - The name of your pipeline as defined in the pipeline.yaml
  • pipeline_yaml - The contents of pipeline.yaml excluding the readme field. This is also pre formatted with the Markdown code block for proper yaml formatting and syntax highlighting
  • pipeline_code - The raw code text in the file defined in pipeline_graph in the pipeline.yaml

To use these variables in your README you use curly braces as follow:

My pipeline name is {pipeline_name}

This will allow the CLI to format the text accordingly.